I love music and fast cars and I love taking pictures. Put those together and hopefully you get pictures that are more than a passport photo with a guitar or a nice photo that could be in a car park.

It's all about capturing a moment that'll never happen again, an excitement, a vibe. I want people to look at my pictures of them and remember that moment and to use that visual record to spur them on to create more moments, more excitement.

OK, so that sounds like a Newsnight arts correspondent. Sorry. I just wanted to express that I don't want to take pictures that elicit an 'oh, that's quite nice' response. Art needs to have an effect on people and photography is art. I love it when racing drivers get that big grin on their face looking at a picture of an epic wheel-to-wheel struggle. Or when band members gather round and swap anecdotes about the gig the picture was taken at. They know they did it and they want to do it again. That's what my pictures are about.

My favourite subjects to shoot are new, young bands and up-and-coming race drivers. In amongst all the crap that is manufactured bands, controlled by record companies who care only about moving 'product' or big racing teams with corporate sponsors and massive hospitality bills, I get a massive buzz from seeing people play or race because they wouldn't want to do anything else. There's very little to beat seeing 4 youngsters onstage, playing not technically the best music in the world, but playing loud and with attitude, getting the audience to go mental.

A large part of how I got here and what I now do is down to my parents. My father is no longer around physically but is with me in spirit. He was a wonderful man of integrity, who cared deeply about everything he did. I dedicate this site and my work to his memory. For a small tribute to him, click on the photo on this page.