Gary Marsh - ARP F3 - Castle Combe 13/09/2003







This has to be one of, if not the, most outstanding drives I've ever seen. Gary's been driving FF1600 for some years and decided to move up a formula to ARP Formula 3. He bought the car, did minimal testing and setup work and turned up at Castle Combe. I caught up with him around lunchtime and asked how qualifying went. "Well, I.. err.. put it on pole." My gob was smacked. He admitted to being worried about the start as he'd never tried a racing start in an F3, which have a totally different clutch to an FF.

The race came and Gary made a bad start, dropping from 1st to 7th before the 2nd corner. Then, two cars came together in the middle of The Esses. Their location brought out a red flag, the grid reforming in original order. This time, Gary used all his experience of a single start to leap off the line in the lead and stay there. He stayed there the whole race, despite good pressure from Ken Finneran. No wonder he was elated and no wonder he took the Driver of the Day award to a massive cheer.

Blur in the photos caused by me jumping up and down, laughing like a fool. What a drive!